Nature’s voice needs to be louder!


We need laws to protect our animals, plants, rivers, reefs and forests.

These laws need to stop pollution. They need to protect nature.

They need to give nature a voice.

Right now, these laws are weak. Nature’s voice needs to be louder.


Some of our most important environmental gains – for places like the Great Barrier Reef, Kakadu and the Kimberley – have only been won after people demanded better protection for the places they love. Australia has laws that are meant to protect our unique environment. But those laws need to be enforced. Sometimes too, these laws don’t work very well and need to be changed.

Your support will ensure that our environment has the legal voice it needs. It will hold those who harm our environment to account for their actions. It will defend our forests.

Together, we will stop the loss of threatened species. We can improve laws to protect nature and communities. We will hold governments and corporations to account.