For over a year, we’ve kept the chainsaws out of vast swathes of forest earmarked for logging by holding our governments to account in Court. This year, with your help, we can keep them out for good.  In February, we’re back in Court for two critical cases to protect our magnificent forests and precious native wildlife — and we need your help to win.

If we win these two cases, thousands of hectares of vitally important forest and habitat for the threatened Leaderbeater’s Possum and Greater Glider will be protected.

With your help we can:

  • Provide legal support to the Fauna and Flora Research Collective and Friends of the Leadbeater’s Possum, including legal advice and representation in court.
  • Ensure expert witnesses have the resources to gather evidence and appear in Court.
  • Take the Court – the judge, barristers and legal teams – for a ‘view’ to the forests we want to protect, to show them the evidence first hand.
  • Advocate for the enforcement of our environment laws to protect our forests and wildlife.
  • Grow community support and direct pressure at decision makers who have the power to influence legal protections for our forests and wildlife.

Donate now so we can win in Court and protect our magnificent forests and the precious wildlife that calls them home for good.