For decades, Central Coast communities living next to Vales Point coal-fired power station have raised concerns about the health impact of toxic coal pollution.

They worry about breathing in carcinogenic pollution from poorly regulated smoke stacks. And they fear what might be seeping into the water from the toxic slurry dumped in the ash ponds that sit smack between the big lakes where their children swim and their families fish.

Now the already toxic coal ash ponds at Vales Point are being used as a dumping ground for asbestos and building materials and the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is keeping communities in the dark.

Locals don’t know whether the asbestos is still there causing air pollution and contaminating ground and surface water. And all the EPA has given Delta Electricity who own the mine – is a slap on the wrist and a clean-up notice buried where no one will look.

For too long state governments across the country have been bending the rules for big polluting companies – subsidising pollution, failing to enforce environmental laws and sweeping violations under the carpet.

Communities deserve to know what’s in their air and water. And the EPA needs to do their job.

Will you email the NSW EPA and demand they inform Central Coast communities on the asbestos incident and clean up at Vales Point coal-fired power station?