The NSW Environment Protection Authority has yet again given coal-fired power stations a licence to harm our communities.

They’ve wrapped up licence reviews for Vales Point, Mt Piper and Eraring power stations and decided to let these companies keep pumping out huge amounts of toxic pollutants that cause serious health issues and premature deaths.

If the five coal-fired power stations in NSW remain open until their expected closure dates, they will cause approximately 3429 more premature deaths.

Late last year, thousands of concerned community members, union representatives and health and legal experts called on the NSW EPA to use these licence reviews to make coal-fired power stations install pollution controls that limit toxic pollutants by more than 85 percent. But they refuse to listen.

With a state election ahead, it’s critical that both major parties commit to cut air pollution and protect the people of New South Wales’ health.

NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley just announced a huge commitment to cut air pollution. Now the race is on!

Will you send a message to Premier Berejiklian and call on her to match the ALP’s commitment and let the NSW community know she is serious about protecting them from the health impacts of toxic coal pollution?


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