Environmental Justice Australia represents citizen scientists and community groups in court with cases that defend the places we love and the species that call them home.

One current Federal Court case challenges whether logging in endangered species habitat can continue to have a special exemption from federal environment protection law. Since the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) system was established in 1997, logging has pushed unique Australian species like the Swift Parrot, Leadbeater’s Possum, Greater Glider and the Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo closer to extinction. Our case argues that certain past and future logging in Victoria’s Central Highlands is not exempt from the federal threatened species law because it is not in accordance with the RFA.

In another current Supreme Court case, we are seeking to ensure the Victorian government protects the minimum area of old growth forest guaranteed by law in East Gippsland and prevent state logging agency VicForests from cutting down spectacular areas of old growth forest in eastern Victoria that have never been logged.

We also represent community members who are charged criminally during peaceful protests against logging in Victoria’s native forests.

Victorian Government to lock in logging

Victorian Government to lock in logging

September 12, 2012

A great leap backward for Victoria’s forests

A great leap backward for Victoria’s forests

December 15, 2011

Forests: news and media

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December 19, 2018

Logging of old-growth forests should stop, Victorian environment department says (The Guardian)

By Lisa Cox Court hears department and VicForests have not protected minimum area of old-growth forest required by law in East Gippsland. Logging in old-growth forests in Victoria should cease,…
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December 10, 2018

Case to stop VicForests destroying old-growth forests in Victorian Supreme Court on Monday

MEDIA RELEASE A case to stop logging in over thirty areas of old-growth forest in Victoria’s East Gippsland will be heard by the state’s Supreme Court today. Lawyers from Environmental…
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November 22, 2018

Questions over logging of Victorian State Forests (ABC)

By Michael Slezak An environmental lawyer says there are serious questions about the legality of almost all logging in Victorian state forests. An ABC investigation has revealed that thousands of…
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November 21, 2018

Australia’s endangered forests are being ‘stolen’ and sold in hardware and office stores (ABC)

By Michael Slezak and Penny Timms Thousands of hectares of state forest appear to have been logged or earmarked for logging illegally, an ABC investigation has found, amounting to what…