We all love our national parks and our iconic native wildlife. But our laws are not giving them the protection they need. Hard won environmental protections are being torn up. Our work as part of the Places You Love Alliance aims to strengthen federal environment laws. We’re working to:

  • Develop strong and effective national biodiversity laws
  • Develop strong and effective state based nature protection laws
  • Ensure effective protection of water ecosystems

Biodiversity Law

Many of our wild places and native species are under threat. We use the courts to protect them.

The main threat to Leadbeater’s possum is commercial logging

Logging in Victoria targets the forests that are most important for biodiversity conservation and the protection of threatened species.

Nature Protection Law

We’re in the midst of an extinction crisis. If we’re going to save what we have, nature needs strong laws.

Leadbeater's possum Pic by D Harley

We have commenced an important case in the Federal Court seeking better protection for the Leadbeater's Possum under our national environment protection law.

Rivers and Wetlands

 We work with communities to ensure citizens have input into what’s decided about our rivers and wetlands.

Native Fish Association volunteers in the Yarra River at Warrandyte Pic Anna Carlile

A new report paints a picture of how the Yarra River can be – and in some cases is being – restored and revitalised. 

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