Fracking the Northern Territory

By May 25, 2018 June 8th, 2018 Climate and Finance, Reports

This report by Environmental Justice Australia examines the Northern Territory’s decision to lift the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. The moratorium was popular and widely supported. Fracking in the NT could produce up to 18% of Australia’s current yearly greenhouse gas emissions.

The report finds:

  • the scientific inquiry into fracking defied its terms of reference by refusing to address the effectiveness of mitigation for unacceptable increases in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Jemena, a pipeline company set to benefit most from lifting the moratorium, has been in regular discussions with decision-makers about the moratorium raising questions about undue influence
  • Jemena’s influence is powerful – in 2017 it effectively lobbied the Northern Territory government to obtain exemptions from new National Gas Rules
  • the exemption means Jemena can effectively charge whatever it likes for using the Northern Gas Pipeline for 15 years, without the oversight of the Australian Energy Regulator
  • Jemena, whose ultimate parent entity is a Chinese state owned enterprise, is the subject of an audit by the Australian Tax Office for a tax evasion scheme that could leave Australians $500 million out of pocket
  • the influence of Jemena on public officials should be investigated by the Territory’s new Independent Commission Against Corruption with respect to lifting the moratorium and the exemption from the National Gas Rules.

EJA report: Fracking the Northern Territory (PDF, 924KB)

Released 25 May 2018

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