On 28 February 2012, the Victorian Government lodged an appeal with the Federal Court against the Federal Environment Minister, challenging his recent decision to refuse approval to the Government's 'alpine grazing trial'. 

The Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, has rejected the Victorian Government's proposal to return cattle grazing to the Alpine National Park as 'clearly unacceptable' under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.  The Victorian Government had referred the proposal to the Minister for assessment and approval under the Act.

As of 3 January 2012, VCAT has reinstated its Major Cases List.

The Major Cases List aims to speed up the planning appeal process for planning disputes that concern high-cost developments.

The Major Cases List was originally introduced in early 2010, but was suspended in March 2011 after it ran out of funding.

The Victorian Government has realised an election promise to change Victoria's Freedom of Information (FOI) laws.

The Victorian Government released its Timber Industry Action Plan on Monday, and frankly, it’s pretty disappointing.  We’ve gone through the Plan and distilled these key points:

For my very first post I think its fitting to be writing about a project we have been working on for nearly two years - our report series Monitoring Victoria's Environmental Laws

Over the past year, the EDO has received lots of inquiries from people concerned about current or proposed mining projects in their area.  A common complaint is difficulty accessing information about the mining projects.  We have had reports of the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) not providing information to members of the public, which is required by law to be publicly available. 


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