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Hepburn Wind Farm (pic Jarra Hicks)

What would an emergency all-of-government climate change law look like?

Story about the Greater Glider in The Age, 3 June 2017 (Pic Pavel German)

What options are available to Victoria's Environment Minister to protect the Greater Glider?

The main threat to Leadbeater’s possum is commercial logging

Sometimes it takes a cute, furry species on the brink of extinction to get people thinking about nature protection laws.

We had over 200 people register for our Act on Extinction event that we ran with our friends at Environment Victoria and Victorian National Parks Association in Melbourne last night.

It was an amazing turn out and shows that people do care about nature and want to know more about how they can protect the species and places that they love.

The Victorian government is currently consulting on reform to the State’s main law protecting nature – the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG Act).

The FFG Act is in need of fundamental reform.

Environmental Justice Australia recently had the pleasure of participating in the National Environmental Law Association's (NELA) Annual National Conference for 2016. The NELA conference focused on how effectively current environmental laws and policies are achieving the multiple aims of sustainable development.

Oceania’s busiest port is set to become even busier with the Victorian government granting a new 50-year lease of the Port of Melbourne. For the already threatened Burrunan Dolphin, this is likely to mean increased stress from shipping in the Port Philip Bay area.

EJA report cover image

80 years ago this week, the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger died at Hobart Zoo.

Tiger quoll image by Joshua Cunningham

In lieu of Commonwealth leadership over nature protection in Australia, state and territory governments need to step up.

EU flag

The UK has voted to leave the European Union. What does this mean for environmental protections in the UK?


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