Providing legal help for Victorians as part of the Community Environmental Legal Service (CELS) program is one of the many ways Environmental Justice Australia pursues access to justice. The CELS program provides legal help for Victorians through the publication of kits, fact sheets and videos which provide accessible and practical environmental law information to the Victorian community. Through the CELS program we also deliver legal workshops in Victoria, run by one of our expert environmental lawyers to suit the needs of community groups or groups of individuals concerned about or impacted by environmental issues. Empowering the Victorian community via our CELS program is an important part of the work of Environmental Justice Australia in pursuing access to justice.

Environmental Justice Australia believes that all Australians have a right to clean air, clean water, and intact ecosystems. It’s also crucial that our communities have a real say over what happens to our environment, and that means participating in decision-making processes. We’re working to pursue environmental justice for communities affected by environmental harm by supporting their right to information, their right to participate in the legal and legislative process, and their right to participate in decision-making about their communities and the places where they live.

You can read about the important work of Environmental Justice Australia in pursuing access to justice for communities across Australia here.

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